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We’re pleased to share with you one of Aqualogic’s larger laundry projects from 2020. One of Australia’s largest correctional facilities was building a new complex which would also include an on-premise laundry. They got the Aqualogic’s project services team involved to work alongside their specified laundry consultant and develop the design. Our experienced team always develop their laundry designs with efficiency and practicality in mind, however there was an added challenge with this specific project. The laundry was to be used and operated by the inmates. For this reason we had to ensure that the layout would be a safe space, with all areas visible to the laundry manager, minimising inmate conflict and risk.


We specified 7 x IPSO IY600 60kg Large Softmount Washers, and 7 x IPSO DR200 83kg Large Dryers. These were recommended based on the number of inmates and the projected throughput. Correctional facilities differ to other industries, such as Aged Care, because they have fewer categories to wash. Fewer categories allows for larger equipment without the need for varying sizes. Softmount washer (also known as fast-spin washers) were recommended because they reduce water retention, and therefore the drying time required. This was particularly necessary because correctional personals are washed and dried in individual mesh bags, adding to the drying time.

When it came time for installation, our team worked closely with the construction company and the relevant service contractors. We coordinated with them for a smooth installation of 14 large machines, which took about a week to complete.

The Aqualogic team returned to site after the installation was complete to train key laundry staff. Our industry leading laundry training and development helped the laundry staff to deliver a consistent standard of quality, improved productivity and increased efficiency.

This was one of many Aqualogic correctional facility projects. If you have a project that requires laundry design and fitout, reach out to Aqualogic, Leaders in Laundry. We’ll be happy to help.

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7 Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid

When Buying Commercial Washing Machines

7 Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid

When Buying Commercial Dryers

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