Laundry Education

A company’s most valuable asset is their employees. A laundry with even the most innovative equipment still relies on its operator. Investing in your employees training and development can bring many benefits to your business, including a consistent standard of quality and increased efficiency, resulting in customer satisfaction and improved productivity. That’s why Aqualogic continue to develop a range of laundry training material across a variety of platforms and learning styles.

Laundry Education Outcomes

Linen Workflow

The Linen Workflow is made up of 9 steps, to effectively process linen throughout your laundry operation. Each step plays a role to help deliver efficiency, compliance, and quality for your laundry.

Best Practise Procedural Operation

Knowing best procedural operation ensures operators work at their most efficient, in a safe manner, and deliver optimum wash results.

Machine Operation and Programs

Commercial laundry equipment allows for extensive programming options to suit every type of wash load. Learn the best programming for your laundry needs, and what to use when.

Aqualogic - Linen Workflow

Face to Face

Take advantage of our complementary face-to-face training whenever you make a purchase with Aqualogic

Online Learning

Laundrylogic is our exclusive eLearning education program, available to Aqualogic customers free of charge


Whatever your laundry education and training needs, Aqualogic has you covered

Face to Face Learning

Take advantage of our complementary Face-to-Face operator training. Whenever you make an equipment purchase with Aqualogic, we’ll train your staff with your new machine onsite. Not only does it familiarise laundry operators with any differences in buttons or programming, it’s a great refresher for laundry best practices, ensuring your laundry is running smoothly and at its best. Aqualogic also provides wallcharts with important reminders and a QR code that gives your staff exclusive and easy access to any relevant how-to documents.

Laundrylogic eLearning

Laundrylogic is an eLearning laundry education program developed by Aqualogic. It’s an online course focused on operator training best practice, exclusively available to Aqualogic customers free of charge.

The course takes the user through a day in the life of a linen item, covering the 9 steps of the Linen Workflow and illustrating efficient and effective process in line with the AS/NZS 4146:2000 Laundry Practice. It features engaging and interactive content that has been developed with the learning experience in mind. There are multiple checkpoints along the course where the user’s knowledge is tested on what they’ve just learnt, reinforcing the information and ensuring their engagement. Participants receive a Certificate of Completion if they have achieved a score of 80% or above.

If you are an Aqualogic customer and you’re interested in taking up this offer, please send a list of users, including their full name, email, company and site name to and we will work with you to enrol each user.

Customised Training

Aqualogic would be delighted to work with you in creating custom education packages for you and your staff. Whether it be onsite, video call or eLearning, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver a suitable training program suitable for your staff and operation. Give us a call on 1300 222 119 or submit an online inquiry to start a conversation.

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