Aged Care

Providing residents with clean and comfortable linen and laundry is essential in any aged care facility. That’s why we supply a comprehensive range of high quality, reliable laundry equipment that are built to be gentle on linen, perform under pressure, and maximise efficiency. Aqualogic will tailor a solution to fit your organisation’s needs.

Reduce Risk of Transmission & Meet Compliance 

We understand the importance of meeting compliance obligations and minimising the risk of transmission of disease to vulnerable residents are care workers. We have a range of laundry equipment that ensures infection control standards are maintained and Australian Standards AS/NZS 4146:2000 – Laundry Practice is met.

Provide Residents with Quality Service

Aqualogic’s range of laundry equipment are reliable and robust. Not only do they stand the test of time but they deliver a superior finish and extend the life of garments and linen. Make a difference to residents’ wellbeing with clean and comfortable linen.

Save on Costs with Efficiency & Linen Flow

We go beyond the box to unlock the potential in your laundry. By assessing your current laundry operations and desired outcomes, we can achieve the big-picture, identifying congestion and weak spots in the linen flow. While quality, reliable equipment are important, they’re just the beginning of what makes a successful laundry. That’s why we provide the best support and service in the industry. We’ve got your back with the largest service tech team in the industry and $2.5M worth of spare parts inventory on hand. We also offer industry leading laundry training and education. We support you through every step of the linen cycle, optimising laundry efficiency and performance, ultimately saving your business in the long run.

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