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Aqualogic have an extensive range of washers, dryers & ironers suited for the food and beverage industry. Whether you’re after a small top loader, or an industrial sized washer extractor, we have a solution for your hospitality business.

Thinking of bringing your laundry processing in-house? We can help! More often than not, outsourcing your laundry processing is more expensive than having your own laundry operation onsite. Although there may be some upfront capital involved (we also offer financing and rental options), you may be surprised to know that 45-55% of total laundry costs come from labour. When you outsource your linen to a commercial laundry, in addition to the costs of running laundry, they are also charging you their company overheads, such as marketing sales, delivery trucks and petrol, administration and management.

Considering this, it’s easy to see how outsourcing your laundry is likely to be the more expensive option. Having an on-premise laundry, if you have the space, can bring additional benefits to your business, including better control of linen finish quality as well as the convenience of having linen at your fingertips 24/7.

Reliable Machines Made to Last

We supply quality machines that stand the test of time, designed to perform under pressure and maximise efficiency. Our brands have been leaders in the laundry industry for over 40 years & are committed to scrupulous testing. You’ll find Aqualogic’s range of laundry equipment are fast, precise, high-performing industrial machines.

We Support You When You Need It Most

Having an after-care plan in place is critical to reducing machine downtime. Even the best laundry equipment requires regular maintenance to keep them running at their best, minimising breakdowns and avoiding costly repairs.

Save on Costs with Efficiency

Our brands are industry leaders, committed to innovation and developing revolutionary laundry solutions. Many of our machines include advanced technological features that reduce water, energy and detergent costs, save time and minimise labour costs, increase productivity and reduce your environmental impact. View our full range of laundry equipment perfect for hospitality businesses.

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Speak with our laundry experts to help you with machine selection, technical information, site issues, and any other laundry support you need.

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