Our Work

Brisbane Backpackers

Aqualogic partnered with Brisbane Backpackers to upgrade their existing laundry in Brisbane’s West End. Brisbane Backpackers Resort boasts all kinds…

A&A Lodge Motel Emerald

A&A Lodge Motel in Emerald partnered with Aqualogic to assist with their onsite laundry operation. We were pleased to provide…

The Laundry Tub

Aqualogic are proud to be the laundry partners of The Laundry Tub at Rainbow Beach. Rainbow beach is a coastal location…

New Aged Care Installation

Another example of outstanding workmanship from the Aqualogic installation team. Their attention to detail is evidenced in the high quality…

Big 4 Bonny Hills

David Dalley from Big 4 Bonny Hills Holiday Park put Aqualogic and IPSO equipment to the test. He is thrilled with his experience...

What We Do for Our Clients

Aqualogic works with customers across a wide range of industries and business environments. To provide the solutions that you need, we work with each business owner on a customised, best practice and real-world basis.

We discuss your needs, understand your business, and deliver measurable value and solutions.

Through a range of services, Aqualogic develops sustainable solutions for every client:

  • Finance options available
  • Protection plans
  • Laundry design
  • Laundry education
  • Project management

We provide custom solutions

Our packages and equipment are configured to the needs of each client. If you need better handling, more capacity, or are looking at a significant business expansion, we can do it for you.

We evaluate costs

We can help you manage costs at every stage of the process. We provide advice and installation to minimise your initial outlay, the best equipment to optimise your operational expenses, and regular servicing and maintenance programs to manage ongoing costs.

We evaluate equipment needs

Our industry leading machines represent truly superior equipment. They are large, tough, and they deliver significantly better performance, handling and workload management.

Need help with your Laundry?

Speak with our laundry experts to help you with machine selection, technical information, site issues, and any other laundry support you need.

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7 Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid

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