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Partner with Aqualogic for your building and construction laundry projects and feel confident that you are partnering with the Leaders in Laundry. We have decades of experience providing consultative, project management and laundry design services to architects, builders and construction consultants. Our team of laundry experts have the skills and experience to efficiently execute all phases of a laundry project no matter how large or complex.

Leaders in Laundry

Aqualogic have been the Leaders in Laundry since 1968. Our team of laundry experts have worked on hundreds, if not, thousands of laundry projects across a range of industries and sites. We know that no two laundries are the same. That’s why, with our laundry expertise, we work with our clients to be able to make accurate recommendations, and develop customised designs, fit outs and installations.

Turn Key Laundry Solutions

With our expertise and project management skills, we can deliver turn-key laundry solutions. We ensure that the process is not only easy on your end, but delivers the best possible laundry at the right budget. We achieve this by working with your business at the start of the project, to deep dive into your specific laundry needs, including environment, desires and budget. From there, the project is ours, until we hand it over at completion, ready to use.

It’s All in the Details

We can provide professional CAD drawings of the laundry design, including hydraulics drawings, all of which can be submitted to council. We take a big picture approach to laundry, guaranteeing a laundry design that will not only meet Australian Laundry Standards, but have optimal operational flow.


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