Cashless Payment Systems

Aqualogic supplies cashment payment technology, giving your customers the freedom of choice when it comes to payment methods. Your commercial laundry can be made 100% cashless, coin-operated, token-operated or a mix of payment technology systems.

Benefits of Cashless Payment Systems

Our cashless payments systems make use of online payment platforms, designed to make it easier for customers to pay for your laundry services – a cash, card and contactless payment solution. They also give you as a business owner more freedom and flexibility in operating your business.

Cardless Payments

Our cashless payment systems can also allow for cardless payments from smart devices such as smartwatches, smartphones, or tablets.

This is an optional feature and can be added from as little as $1 per week per machine. The plan is pay as you go and there is no lock in contract.

The system operates on an easy plug and play installation, making it easy to set up on existing or new machines.

Cash Track

Cash Track allows owners to keep track of coin and token activity in their laundry. This real-time visibility of activity by machine, by time of day ensures owners can instantly verify customer payments and maintain a record of each transaction with the laundry.

This feature also provides comprehensive reporting, giving visibility to revenue amount at machine level at any time. With this feature, coin operated laundry owners can look to outsourcing their coin collection to a third party, giving them more flexibility around running their laundry. It’s also helpful in confirming any customer complaints and prevents fraud.

This option is available at $1 per week per machine. This system can be introduced to existing and new laundries. If you combine this feature with the Cardless Payment system, you can get a 50% discount on this plan.

Remote Start

The Remote Start feature allows your business to operate even if there is a problem. Instantly and effectively start a machine for a customer having an issue from their smart phone or tablet. For $0.50 a week per machine, this feature will save you time and improve your bottom line.

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