Most accommodation share the same challenges when it comes to laundry – quality, cost, speed, and space. However, these challenges impact every accommodation differently as they each have their own set of priorities. From holiday parks to 5-star hotels and everything in between, Aqualogic can work with you to find a solution to meet your accommodation business needs.

Meet Guests’ Expectations

Bed hygiene and comfort are of the utmost importance to hotel guests. Our machines are gentle on linen, producing high quality finishing while also caring for your fabrics, extending the life of your linens.

Reliable Machines Made to Last

We supply quality machines that stand the test of time. Our brands have been leaders in the laundry industry for over 40 years & are committed to scrupulous testing. Our machines are designed to perform under pressure and maximise efficiency.

Linen at Your Fingertips When You Need It

Our laundry experts work with you to deliver a solution that meets your business needs, determining optimal load capacity and machine speed to suit your hotel size and type, as well as taking into account your laundry space.

We Support You When You Need It Most

Having an after-care plan in place is critical to reducing machine downtime. Even the best laundry equipment requires regular maintenance to keep them running at their best, minimising breakdowns and avoiding costly repairs.

Achieve the Standard You Want with Training

Training and development for your staff can help you achieve the standard of quality you want to achieve, as well as ensure efficiencies, reducing overall operational costs. Aqualogic provide a range of laundry training material across a variety of platforms suitable for accommodation businesses.

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