5 Reasons to Upgrade Hotel Laundry & Linen Services

Upgrade your hotel laundry and linen services

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Hygiene is a vital aspect of the hospitality industry, and it’s one of the reasons your laundry and linen service is so important. It’s a key part of customer service and every bit as important as the quality of service and food a hotel offers. It doesn’t matter how great other areas of your business are, if you have an issue with hygiene or cleanliness, customers will spot it right away. Over half of hotel customers say cleanliness plays an important role in determining whether they return.

Reasons the Current System May Not Be Working

A domestic washing machine is fine for handling family laundry. However, as it operates at a much lower temperature, it isn’t suitable for use in a commercial setting. The key to a successful laundry system is high standards which means having commercial washing machines that operate at high heat and are powerful enough to handle continuous demands.

There are several key factors that indicate when it’s time to upgrade your hotel laundry and linen services, as well as what may be driving unhappiness with the current system.

The first is customer satisfaction. Your customers should be your guide in determining whether your current system requires an upgrade. A great laundry service will keep them satisfied, but if you get regular feedback that suggests unhappiness with your towels and linens, it’s a sign that the current system isn’t working. Additionally, if you struggle to keep up with your guests’ needs, this is another sign of a problem.

There’s another part of the efficiency aspect to consider. Great service will allow you to hold less stock. If you can efficiently work through the linen and towel washing, you won’t need as much on hand to ensure customers are taken care of.

Finally, your laundry system should comply with local business regulations. You are required to wash your towels and linens regularly, which is why it’s so vital your professional laundry systems can keep up.

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5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Linen Services

  1. A Constant Overload

    If you need to constantly overload your machines to keep up with demand, then it’s time to upgrade. When you have a heavy-duty washing machine, it’s tempting to pack it full. The issue is, every machine has a recommended capacity, and it won’t operate at its optimum performance if you overload it. It doesn’t evenly distribute detergent, which means it can’t properly wash the contents. It also shortens the lifespan of an industrial washing machine.

    Capacity is truly key. A hotel commercial washing machine should allow you to process towels and linens in high volumes without a lengthy turnaround. The best way to proceed is to speak to an expert about what suite of machines will best match your needs. If your machines are consistently underperforming, then your system needs to be reviewed immediately.

  2. Drive Consistency & Quality

    At home, you would separate colours from whites. You need to apply this same principle in your business, and if you can’t currently run colours and whites separately at the same time, then you need to look at upgrading your system. By investing in a new suite of hotel commercial washing machines, you will ensure you have the equipment necessary to produce high-quality wash results consistently.

    The most important factors businesses have to consider when it comes to commercial laundry equipment include quality, space, cost, and speed. You want to tick all of those boxes, which is why you should speak to the experts about what suite of machines is best for you.

    The learning process is also an important aspect of new equipment. Your staff must be fully trained on how to operate and clean your new suite of machines. Aqualogic offer a whole range of laundry training, including online, classroom and onsite. Having properly trained staff will not only increase laundry efficiency but consistency as well.

    Often, people fail to realise the importance of proper cleaning and maintenance. A washing machine will not clean your laundry properly unless you ensure it is clean. Standing water in the machine can result in odours that cling to the fabric. So, at the end of each day, your team should properly clean the machine to release trapped water and ensure the machines work at optimum performance.

  3. Increase Flexibility

    The hospitality industry is all about timing. Guests check out at a specific time, and new guests arrive for their check-in. You need a laundry service that can tackle your needs down to the second. It’s difficult to find a vendor that can operate to your timing, but upgrading to an in-house service allows you to take control of those timings and ensures greater flexibility. The convenience of being able to structure your laundry processes around your business’ timetable instead of the timetable of a laundry service is invaluable.

  4. Reduce Footprint

    Just as customers shop for specific eco brands, guests will also make choices based on how green a hotel is. If you can show your guests that your hotel is eco-conscious, then you can secure their loyalty. By upgrading to better equipment and taking your laundry system in-house, you can ensure less water and energy are used, thus helping to do your bit for the environment. On top of attracting more customers, you will also reduce your utility bills significantly, saving your business thousands of dollars. Aqualogic has a variety of commercial washers and dryers with energy and water saving features, perfect for the accommodation industry.

  5. Cost-Saving

    Many businesses have chosen to stick with old equipment because it still operates. Why buy new equipment unless you absolutely have to? There may be a greater cost initially, but upgrading your suite of machines will repay itself. Old machines may work, but are they working as optimally as a brand-new heavy-duty washing machine? Or, are they using more detergent, water, and energy than necessary?

    Laundry equipment has evolved massively in recent years. With water-efficient systems, you can save water, reduce the use of chemicals, and save money on operations. Even the accessories work harder for you today. For example, the GMP Chest Ironer is simple to use, requires just one operator, has increased safety features, and can handle 50kg an hour with a low maintenance cost.

hotel laundry linen services

Benefits of an In-House System

While many businesses choose to outsource their laundry, this often introduces quality control issues. You don’t have control over the professional laundry systems. While you can change the vendor if you grow unhappy with their work; it takes time, money, and energy to find a new one. If you instead opt for an in-house system, you have complete control of the process from start to finish. If problems arise, you can tweak the process and make the appropriate changes, whether it’s chemicals, temperatures, or the wash process.

One of the key benefits of an in-house laundry service is timing. Vendors expect their clients to run on their schedule rather than the other way around. That can be a challenging prospect, especially during peak season and times. An in-house laundry system means you don’t need to wait on anyone but your well-trained employees to deliver. Having that level of control is great for your bottom line, and it’s good news for your guests too. You can choose from a range of commercial laundry equipment that comes in different capacity sizes, and you can even choose between gas and electric dryers.

The right suite of commercial washing machines will provide you with cost savings. For example, the IPSO Softmount Washer is available in three capacities and reduces the amount of energy, water, and detergent you use because of its precision engineering. Additionally, it will extend the life of your linens and towels, as well as increase productivity. By taking back control of the laundry process and ensuring your suite of industrial washing machines matches your needs, you can save money and improve the service you offer guests.

Final Thoughts

If you require commercial laundry equipment or need laundry help, then get in touch with the experts today. We will be happy to provide you with the advice and information you need to ensure you make the right choice for your business. We work with several brands to ensure we can provide you with the best commercial washing machine brand for your needs. In addition to a wide range of products for every business, we also offer training programmes to ensure your employees know how to properly operate your new machinery.

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7 Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid

When Buying Commercial Washing Machines

7 Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid

When Buying Commercial Dryers

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