On Premise Laundry

Professional IPSO washer extractors with normal, fast and high speed extract in both rigid (solid) and soft (free) mount configurations are perfect for use in hospitality, health and aged care and commercial on premise laundries. Rugged construction with stainless steel for good looks and easy cleaning, advanced microprocessor controls ensure pin-point program accuracy with economical wash programs designed to meet quality standards, the machines are built to last the testing environment of an on premise laundry.

Complementary IPSO tumble dryers with advanced features and benefits save time, money and energy. IPSO dryers have built in safety systems, service diagnostics and energy saving features. Available in electric, gas or steam heating.

In addition, a complete range of finishing products including ironers, folders, presses etc for high quality finish of accommodation linen, table linen, towelling and garments. Add to this our range of ancillary items (laundry trolley, racks, collection carts and bins) to meet all laundry needs.

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