IPSO CTL7 Top Load Washer

Commercial top load washer for on-premises laundry applications

IPSO commercial top load washers are highly efficient, reducing both hot water usage and total water consumption for your on premises laundry. Manufactured to robust standards in the United States, our commercial top load washers feature a remarkable spin speed of 710 RPM, increasing overall laundry efficiency by removing more moisture from loads. Less moisture translates into reduced drying times. Fast cycle times get the job done quickly, while the double load washtub provides lots of room for larger loads.

  • Reduced water consumption
  • 710 RPM spin reduces drying times and utility costs
  • 100% front serviceable


  • Energy efficient – Water-saver cycle reduces hot water consumption
  • Lower Costs – A ½ HP motor produces a 710 RPM spin speed, which keeps drying times and utility costs down
  • Rugged reliability – Solid construction and heavy-duty components deliver the strength necessary for years of dependable service
  • Serviceability – 100% front serviceable, meaning less downtime
  • Clean results – A full size agitator with a 210° agitation stroke – the longest in the industry – produces excellent washing results
  • Maximum productivity – Superior out-of-balance protection to ensure cycles continue without stopping


  • E-Mech control on IPSO top load washers assures reliable performance and helps optimise efficiency. The control panel offers convenient features – including an energy-saving cycle with an electronic timer
  • Push-To-Start button – Features simple, push-to-start activation with an “In Use” LED light
  • Six water and cycle selections – Provides three energy-saving cycles plus three regular cycles: two-speed wash and spin actions and a delicate cycle
Product Details
Manufacturer IPSO
Product code CTL7
Capacity 92.3L
Dimensions H 1092mm x W 650mm x D 711mm

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