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IPSO was founded in Belgium in 1973. In 1974, Aqualogic began supplying IPSO to Australian businesses. In fact, we were the first in the world to receive an exported IPSO washing machine outside of Europe. It’s because of IPSO’s quality, reliability and efficiency that Aqualogic have been supply partners with IPSO ever since.

No. 1 laundry manufacturer Alliance Laundry Systems acquired IPSO in 2006, growing the company’s global presence even further. Alliance has been a laundry manufacturer world leader for over 100 years and is the world’s largest commercial laundry manufacturer. Being part of the Alliance family gives IPSO exclusive access to all its expertise and resources. This includes their R&D, which is heavily invested in, delivering cutting-edge laundry technology.

Extensive Range

IPSO is manufactured in the USA and Europe and has an extensive product range, covering washers, dryers, and semi-commercial laundry equipment. Starting at 6.5kg right through to 120kg, their washers are available in both softmount (high-spin) and hardmount (medium-spin). IPSO dryers are available in electric, gas, and steam. Whatever your laundry needs, we can guarantee that IPSO has a machine suitable for your business.


What makes IPSO a standout from other commercial laundry brands is its reliability and longevity, whilst always producing excellent wash results and linen care. We’re always pleased, but not surprised, when we have customers return to us to replace their IPSO machine that has finally given up after 35+ years. It’s a common occurrence to come across IPSO machines that were made in the 80s that are still going strong, proving IPSO a durable laundry brand. For added peace of mind, IPSO comes with a 3 year warranty.

Learn More

Want to learn more about IPSO’s range of robust laundry equipment? Make an enquiry today, and we’ll find an IPSO machine that’s perfect for your business’ laundry needs.

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Manufacturing Partners

Our happy clients

We have had a relationship with Aqualogic for many years. They have the largest maintenance team and better availability of parts, both of which were major decision criteria for us.

The Hills Lodge​, Baulkham Hills, NSW


Aqualogic have over time consistently provided competitive pricing, high quality product and dependable service. They understand our business, our guests and the demands the staff are under. Their laundry solutions have always placed our business first, which is critical for a busy 4 star resort in a regional location.

Fairmont Resort​, Leura, NSW


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7 Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid

When Buying Commercial Washing Machines

7 Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid

When Buying Commercial Dryers

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