6 Common Commercial Laundry Service Challenges & How to Solve Them

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As a commercial laundry business, you face challenges unique to the industry, and there are a lot of them. Day in and day out, you have a mountain of laundry to face, and your customers rely on you to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The industry is expanding rapidly, and as it does, new challenges arise all the time.

From staff shortages and rising costs, to stiff competition. While you can’t get rid of the competition, you can work to offer your customers something unique. With every possible challenge in the commercial laundry business, there is always a solution just waiting to be found. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, so what can be done to overcome commercial laundry service challenges?


  1. Ageing Equipment

    As equipment ages, the quality of the product reduces while the cost of operation goes up. Today, there are plenty of energy-efficient options to choose from. There’s commercial laundry equipment that will reduce the amount of water and energy you use and even save you on detergent too. The average commercial washing machine should be replaced every decade, whether it still operates or not. In doing so, you not only ensure you produce high-quality results, but you also manage the rising costs of utilities. The older the machine, the less efficient it is. It will use more energy, more detergent, thus costing you more to produce low quality wash results.

    In addition to ageing equipment, there is also the risk of purchasing subpar commercial laundry products. You may recognise the need for new equipment, but you feel overwhelmed by the price as you shop around. Not every industrial dryer and washer are made equally. It’s a common mistake people make trying to cut costs. Do not skimp on equipment because it will cost you in more than one way.

    First off, choosing cheap equipment will save money on the initial investment, but it will quickly cost you on the utility front. Moreover, a subpar machine will produce sub-par results, which will chase your customers away. Cheaper machines are not water or energy-efficient, plus they don’t last as long. It might sound like a lot of money to start with, but investing in a high-quality commercial washing machine will benefit your business in the long run.

  2. Rising Costs

    Rising costs are a challenge in just about every industry. However, the commercial laundry service is dealing with the standard rising costs of everything, on top of water, electricity, and heat. All of these are heavy operator expenditures, and with the rising cost of water, electricity, and heat, it’s becoming a major problem. A problem further complicated by outdated commercial laundry products that already consume too much water and energy. While the initial cost of investing in professional laundry systems can be pricey, it’s a long-term investment that will save you money. It’s important to keep that in mind as you look at potential products for your business. While costs are rising, you can manage them better by investing in high-quality industrial washing machines.

  3. Outsourcing Issues

    It’s common practice to outsource cleaning operations to other businesses. For many companies, it makes sense to be a go-between that outsources certain aspects of their operation, whether it’s to a small-scale local washer or a nearby dry cleaner. The choice behind this is cost. It can be a cost-saver for commercial laundry businesses. The risk is that the quality is not consistent and might not meet the required standard. So, while you’re focused on saving money, you’re losing customers, which will cost you a lot more than doing it right in the first place. This will only result in setbacks, which is why commercial laundry businesses should invest in high-quality industrial washing machines and equipment.

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  4. Skipping Maintenance

    Another great sin people commit with commercial laundry equipment is a failure to maintain their machines. These machines require regular servicing and maintenance to ensure they operate optimally. When wear and tear appears, repairs should be made. Otherwise, you will end up paying for emergency repairs, rush parts, and the downtime while you wait may cost you serious cash as it disrupts your business. Always follow the manufacturer recommendations for servicing and maintenance. When you choose Aqualogic, you get access to a knowledgeable service and support team.

  5. Lack of Marketing

    You have a budget for staff. You create a budget for overheads, but do you have a budget for marketing? In today’s modern world, every business has to consider marketing. The commercial laundry industry is no different. In fact, with so much competition, it’s even more important. Social media is a clever place to build brand awareness and engage with customers. Use it to let them know your opening times and offers. Social media and a mobile optimised website can help you drive customer loyalty through offers or specific loyalty programmes. The best way to build a successful business is to create loyal customers. And to do so, you need an online presence.

  6. Staff Shortages & Skill Issues

    It doesn’t matter if you buy the best commercial washer and dryer on the market if you don’t have the staff to operate them. You need high-quality machines, yes, but they should also be easy enough for employees to operate. The benefit of working with a company like Aqualogic is your employees can have face-to-face training or eLearning to ensure they know how to operate and clean your new equipment. Any new employees can easily sit through eLearning to get them up to standard before they attempt to operate any machinery on their own.

    Even in a business where you have the best of the best equipment, there will always be human error. So, it isn’t enough for your employees to have the know-how to operate the equipment. You don’t necessarily need to seek skilled labour. However, you do need to offer compensation to keep the labour you do invest in. It isn’t just the training that brings them up to the level of skill required; you also put a lot of time and energy into recruitment. Your time is money, but if you find employees with the right attitude, you can upskill them. However, in doing so, you create skilled labour that may be of interest to your competition, thus the importance of competitive pay.

    Continuing on the subject of employees. Customer service is vital. It doesn’t matter how modern your logo is or how efficient the work you do is. It doesn’t even matter how sleek your storefront and equipment are. Your customers need to feel valued, and part of that is training your employees to provide stellar customer service. When someone makes a complaint, whether online or in-person, it should be dealt with promptly. You want to retain customers so, bear that in mind as you recruit staff. A customer service background can be very beneficial.

    Of course, there are areas of your business where skilled workers are required. For example, you might need someone to handle human resources or a bookkeeper, cleaner, or administrator. So, as you offer competitive pay to the machine operators, you must follow the same ethos to retain the skilled workers you hire. By offering fair compensation, you increase the likelihood of retaining your employees, but it also improves morale and makes your customers happier, too.

    Additionally, your customers can help you make key business decisions. For example, laundromats using cashless equipment can gather data to understand customers. It will highlight foot traffic trends and patterns, so you know what days, times, and periods are busiest. You can use this data to improve your business from the customer’s perspective, which will drive your bottom line.

Final Thoughts

With the sector growing so rapidly, what do you do when your biggest challenge is the competition? With the rise of costs, it can be difficult to deliver competitive prices. But it isn’t just competing commercial laundry businesses you have to worry about. There are in-house services, disposable linens, and dry-cleaners to worry about as well. They’re all a threat to your business; they can all impact your bottom line. The key to overcoming these challenges is to deliver high-quality service, and the best way to do that is by having high-quality commercial laundry products that consistently deliver. You have to show customers that your end result is worth the cost.

With Aqualogic, you aren’t just purchasing commercial laundry equipment, you also receive strong service and support. We have a highly skilled team with the experience to repair any make or model. Additionally, we keep a vast array of spare parts on hand. So, no matter what is wrong with your equipment, we can solve the problem fast. You aren’t just buying an industrial washing machine, you’re investing in the success of your business.

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7 Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid

When Buying Commercial Washing Machines

7 Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid

When Buying Commercial Dryers

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