20 Hours of Labour Saved Per Day: QT Hotel Gold Coast

November 24, 2020

QT is a much-loved hotel brand with 9 hotels across Australia and New Zealand, offering guests a unique and artful experience. Earlier this year The QT Hotel Gold Coast were looking to upgrade their ironer as their current ironer just wasn’t keeping up with demand. They have a very busy laundry onsite that looks after 297 rooms as well as the linen from their restaurants, function rooms and spa. When they reached out to Aqualogic, we were more than happy to find them a suitable solution that would be reliable as well as efficient.

Being familiar with the reputation of Chicago, QT Gold Coast were pleased with the recommendation given by Mark Kennedy, National HD Project Lead; a Chicago Tri-Star with the added optional OPL automatic feeder.

We are pleased to report that not only is the Chicago all-in-one finishing system keeping up with demand, according to QT Gold Coast Maintenance Manager, Ben Dale, the laundry team are saving an estimated 20 hours of labour per day.

“We found the new ironer and OPL to be up to the task, as well as so efficient, we are managing to save around 20 hours of labour per day, [but] it was our service tech that delighted us most about our experience with Aqualogic. He has been a fantastic help from the start; always happy to help us out and answer the phone when we have questions. ”

The Chicago Tri-Star and OPL feeder was not an easy installation either. Because of the ironer’s size, it had to be delivered to the laundry in pieces and was assembled onsite by our highly skilled service tech. Although technically difficult, the all-in-one Chicago Tri-Star was installed smoothly and The QT Hotel Gold Coast could not be happier with their solution.