The Number 1 Mistake Businesses Make in the Laundry

May 31, 2021

It’s an easy mistake that many businesses continue to make – not having their laundry equipment serviced regularly. It seems logical to compare commercial washers and dryers to domestic washers and dryers and think they should be maintained similarly. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Without proper care, it can impact your machine’s performance, its lifespan, and ultimately your business’ bottom line. Here’s 3 ways you can maintain and care for your laundry equipment, getting the most out of your investment.

  1. Regular Machine Service
    We recommend servicing your machines biannually at a minimum, depending on how busy your laundry is. Having your machines serviced regularly will keep them performing at their best, will lengthen their lifetime and pick up any impending repairs early on before it becomes a full breakdown. There are a number of service value packages that save you from the hassle of having to even think about it, plus you get a discounted rate on any service or breakdown.
  2. Service your laundry ducts
    Laundry ducts are often forgotten as they just sit there minding their own business, doing their thing. This is what can make them so dangerous. We recommend having your ducts cleaned once a year at a minimum. What you don’t see is often a duct filled lint, preventing airflow, increasing fire risk and making your machines work harder. Add this to your service value package and not have to think about it until the service technician shows up every year. Easy!
  3. DIY regular maintenance
    We’re always writing about the ways in which you can maintain and care for your laundry on a day-to-day level that will really benefit your machines. Follow our 12-step checklist here. It’s super easy to follow, and when you start doing it regularly it will be easy to keep on top of.