The Benefits of Operator Training

December 14, 2020

A company’s most valuable asset is their employees. A laundry with even the most innovative equipment still relies on its operator. Therefore, investing in your employees training and development can bring many benefits to your business, including a consistent standard of quality and increased efficiency, resulting in customer satisfaction and improved productivity.
Every business should have a training program that clearly teaches staff the correct way of doing things. This is crucial for a large operation, so that the various areas work together effectively, but it is just as true for a small operation so things can run smoothly when the manager is away from the laundry.

Improved Employee Performance

Labour can represent an estimated 40-50% of the total costs of running a laundry, so it’s important that staff are performing as efficiently as possible to be able to maximise throughput and reduce your operating costs.
Staff that don’t receive regular training are more likely to under or overload. This can lead to an increase in required operating times, an increase in use of utilities, improperly cleaned linen, and customer dissatisfaction. Conversely, routinely trained staff will operate the laundry at its full potential.

Improved Employee Satisfaction and Morale

Unhappy and unsatisfied employees will not perform at their best. Providing ongoing training and development to your employees will engage your employees, making them feel respected and instil in them a sense of purpose. This will boost employee motivation, productivity, morale and overall job satisfaction, leading to quality output and reduced operating costs.

Addresses Weaknesses

Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. It is more than likely that among your team there are some people that are better in some areas than others. By providing necessary operator training, any areas of weakness can be addressed and improved on, and linen will be laundered to a consistent standard. It also creates an overall knowledgeable staff who will be able to work independently, in a team, or fill in where necessary.

Creates Consistency

By establishing laundry procedures and providing the proper training to perform these procedures, consistency can be achieved. A strong training program will ensure that all employees have the same experience and education. Consistency in the laundry room is particularly important given the physical-nature of the work, and can be used as an indication as to whether processes are being followed correctly. When processes are followed correctly, not only will your customers be happy, but your laundry will be efficient, your equipment will be used as intended, and the life of your linen will be extended, among many other benefits.

Onwards and Upwards

Regular training can be a great way to show authorities that you are implementing the correct processes in an effective manner. It also demonstrates how employees have improved over time. As well, each time training is conducted and then put into action it’s an opportunity for managers to review what is working well in the laundry and what isn’t. For example, you may find that your staff are performing at their best but your machines aren’t keeping up with demand. Or perhaps you think you’ve covered everything in your training but when you observe your training being implemented you realise there’s something you’ve missed. Regular training creates the opportunity to always be improving, unlocking the potential in your laundry.