The benefits of multi-housing shared laundries

June 4, 2019

Shared and strata housing are becoming increasingly popular and cost-effective way to live.  This is evident in Australia with over $995 billion worth of property in strata housing and 76,000 students in purpose-built university living, both increasing at a steady rate.  As an owner or developer of multi-housing living, a shared laundry can be an ideal investment for your building.

Benefits of shared laundry facilities:

There are lots of benefits from incorporating a shared laundry into your multi-housing facility including:

  • Saving space.
    By having a single shared laundry in your building, you avoid the need for space in each individual apartment for washers and dryers. This can also save on building costs with less plumbing and electrical demands in each living space.
  • Attractive to potential tenants and buyers.
    Having laundry facilities on site can be an incentive for potential residents, saving them the trouble of going offsite to do their routine laundry.
  • Additional cash flow.
    Payment systems can be incorporated into the laundry systems to allow the shared laundry space to cover its own costs and generate income for the owners.

What options are available?

There are a wide variety of machine options available for any size or type of multi-housing facility.  These options include variables like:

  • Size
    Washing machines and matching driers are available from 8kgs up to 24kgs depending on the size and needs of the shared laundry.
  • Payment Systems
    Machines can come with payment options to bring in income and cover running costs.  With technological advances, machines are typically set up to accept both coin and electronic payments.
  • Laundry Configuration
    Machines can be chosen to suit any floor plan.  There is the option to stack the machines to work with the space available.
  • Automatic Chemical Injection
    There are options to have automatic chemical injection in the machines to provide residents convenience as they will not need to provide their own laundry chemicals. This option also ensures the laundry is a cleaner environment as users may spill their own products within the laundry and not clean it up.
  • Installation
    There are many quick and easy solutions for the installation of your shared laundry.  Simple do it yourself installation is even available for smaller machines.

Your laundry experts

Here at Aqualogic, we are the laundry experts that have all the information you need to help you decide on the best facilities for your shared laundry.  If you have any questions, or you would like a consultation on the different options available for shared laundries, then look no further than our services. Get in contact with us today, either online or call 1300 222 119.


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