A&A Lodge Motel Emerald

A&A Lodge Motel in Emerald partnered with Aqualogic to assist with their onsite laundry operation. We were pleased to provide an IPSO CTL7 Top Load machine to ensure the Motel delivered top quality towels and floor mats to their guests.

Here’s what Dan, the Motel Manager had to say about his experience.

“We’re very pleased with our new IPSO Top Loading Washing Machine. Apart from the large capacity, the feature we’re most pleased with is the efficiency of the spin cycle. We use the IPSO for washing our thick motel bath towels and floor mats. Compared to our old machine, it extracts a lot more water, resulting in less time in the dryer. Where it used to take 45 minutes to dry a load in our gas dryer, we now get away with 30 minute cycles. Quite a saving in gas and time, factoring at least two to three loads a day, every day.”