Scone Steam Laundry – Customer in Focus

September 22, 2020

Scone Steam Laundry has been supplying quality bulk laundry services to the Scone region since Wayne’s Dad first opened the business in 1945. Wayne inherited the laundry from his father some time ago and although the original 75-year-old machinery actually still work, Wayne prefers to use the newer 1966 Milnor Horscroft Pocket Washer Extractor. As a young lad, Wayne himself laid the 6ft thick concrete slab it sits on. It may have a few years of detergent caked on, and only recently switched from a waste oil boiler to a steam boiler, but 54 years on the Milnor is still going strong; proving that quality, well-maintained laundry equipment can stand the test of time. If you’re in the Scone area, make sure you give Wayne a visit at Scone Steam Laundry!