Renting or Purchasing Linens

February 6, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Renting or Purchasing Your Linens

Whether you’re an aged care provider, hotel or maybe a fine dining restaurant, the comfort of your residents or guests is dependent on having the right linen. But do you purchase these linens or is it better to rent them?

The decision to either rent or purchase linens depends highly on the individual situation, we have outlined some of the benefits and challenges to each option below:

Linen Rental (Outsourced Laundry)


  1. More convenient compared to running your own on-premise laundry;
  2. No set up costs;
  3. Responsibility for stock control, quality control, operation of equipment and logistics is held by the Linen Service provider;
  4. No labour costs or staffing required.


  1. Higher overall cost when compared to doing the washing in-house;
  2. Can potentially run out of linen if demand outstrips supply (for example, if there is a surge in hotel reservations);
  3. There may be limited linen grades and styles available;
  4. The linen service dictates the price you pay, giving you less control over the total cost;
  5. Smaller properties with less volume will pay more per item than larger facilities;
  6. Required to pay ongoing rental costs;
  7. An outsourced commercial linen service is not a complete solution to your washing needs. Most linen service providers will not wash delicate or one-off items. If they do, they may charge a significant additional fee.

On-premise Laundry


  1. Lower overall costs than an outsourced laundry service;
  2. Flexibility to wash your linen on demand, meaning that it is available when you need it;
  3. Option to use finer quality and custom grade linens to enhance customer satisfaction;
  4. Maintain greater control over total cost by washing on demand only;
  5. Smaller properties are not disadvantaged by washing smaller volumes;
  6. No ongoing rental costs required;
  7. Ability to wash practically any item, including delicate or heavily-soiled items, without a fuss.


  1. An on-premise laundry is more labour intensive when compared to an outsourced arrangement;
  2. Upfront costs will be required to purchase machines and linens. However, these costs can be minimised by a rental or leasing purchase agreement. See here (link to other Feb article) for more information;
  3. The responsibility for stock control, quality control, operation of equipment and logistics is yours. This is not an issue under a rental plan or using a comprehensive maintenance plan;
  4. There may be potential labour costs and insurances if you need to employ someone to run the laundry.

Your commercial laundry experts

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