Programming the Perfect Wash Cycle

July 13, 2018

Nearly all of the modern laundry equipment available today have computerised controls. The amazing thing about this, is wash cycles can be customised to suit every type of wash load.

Typically, your chemical supplier will customise the wash cycles to match their chemicals and the type of fabrics being washed.

But, how can you be absolutely certain that the wash cycles are as fast as they could be? Aqualogic has some tips and tricks that help to deliver a faster wash cycle without compromising on wash results:

  • Turn on as many inlet valves as possible whilst the machine is filling. You can do so by turning on the hopper flush valves; even when there is no chemical to flush into the machine. By doing so, you can save up to 5 minutes per wash cycle.
  • However, Aqualogic’s IPSO commercial washers have larger drain valves, which allows our machines to drain in under 30 seconds.
  • Most drain steps in a wash program are set to 1 minute by default. By timing how long the machine actually takes to drain all the water, each drain step could be reduced accordingly. Aqualogic’s IPSO commercial washers have larger drain valves, which allows the water to be drained in under 30 seconds. Considering the typical wash program has 5 drain steps, time savings could be as much as 2½ minutes per wash.
  • An important step to consider is the use of heat-stop is necessary for all hot wash steps; there are circumstances where this feature is not required. Using heat-stop unnecessarily can add anywhere from 5-20 minutes extra to a wash cycle. Consult Aqualogic technical support to determine if heat-stop is required for your wash program.
  • Refrain from turning on any heat once the bleach has been injected into the wash. Always heat the bath to the temperature first, and then inject. Not following this procedure can cause the bleach to burn holes into the linen and damage heating elements.
  • Consider if fill modulation is required for warm water fill steps. It can sometimes be faster to program a split fill; equal parts of hot and cold water. If the filling is complete but the temperature isn’t hot enough, internal heating can be turned on if needed; or for rinse steps straight cold water can be used.
  • Intermediate extracts should be programmed for low speed; we recommend no greater than 100G-forces. Fast speed will add an extra 2-4 minutes and can ram soil back into the fabric if not rinsed out thoroughly.
  • Lastly, we recommend considering whether a drain step is required immediately before an extract step. Some manufacturers such as IPSO incorporate the drain step into the distribution phase of the extract, saving 1-2 minutes per cycle.

The above tips and tricks can save time; which improves productivity and ultimately saves money. Don’t neglect the little things, it’s the little critical steps that make a more efficient laundry cycle. That’s the power of a perfect programmed wash cycle.

Your Commercial Laundry Experts

If you’re still unsure about the benefits of programming a unique wash cycle for you, and how it will affect your washing, then Aqualogic are here to help. It’s guaranteed that if you find the right wash cycle, and you follow these tips and tricks; you’ll save yourself money, water and time. Any more questions, or general enquiries about your laundry, then you can get in contact with us online, or give us a call on 1300 222 119.