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Handpicked Equipment Manufacturers

At Aqualogic, we only choose leading manufacturers who stand out in their field. Our range of products are handpicked to deliver superior quality, performance, and technology for your commercial or industrial laundry. Our advanced products offer a vast range of benefits, including patented SmartWAVe water saving technology on our washers and Overdry-Prevention Technology minimising drying times on our tumble dryers that save precious resources and reduce your environmental impact.

Our Product Partners

Our unique manufacturer selection process is based on demanding benchmarks for service and equipment design, quality and innovation.

Aqualogic’s best-in-class equipment is sourced from leading global manufacturers:

  • IPSO: The well-known IPSO brand provides a large selection of the latest modern equipment. IPSO is a global leader in design and their products are distinguished by exceptional performance and durability in all environments.
  • Chicago: The Chicago brand is famous for its high-capacity, high-performance machines. Chicago is also a leading innovator in advanced technologies for laundry machines of all kinds.
  • COLMAC: COLMAC is a leader in processing technologies, automation and advanced technology which is redefining core laundry processes like presses and tunnel finishers.
  • MILNOR: MILNOR is another market leader, offering an exceptional range of products, from coin operated washers to high volume batch washers and extraction systems.

Leading Solutions for Your Sector

As a leader in the laundry industry, Aqualogic only chooses the best products and manufacturers for your sector. We provide leading products and services for workers in professional, industrial, and commercial & coin operated sectors. Explore the links below to find out how our laundry technology can enhance your workplace.

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