MILNOR Divided Cylinder Washer Extractor Series

Milnor’s divided-cylinder washer-extractor’s are designed to last. Available in either standard or Staph Guard® pass-through models, Milnor’s compact and durable divided-cylinders are ideal for any laundry. Now available with RinSave® water saver standard, these washers-extractors will save fresh water consumption, without compromising wash quality you expect from a Milnor.

Milnor’s Divided Cylinder range is available in 3 capacities – 100kg, 205kg and 295kg to meet the needs of all high production laundries.

The Milnor Staph Guard system is a thorough laundering system that combats recontamination of linen.The machines are designed with ease of use in mind – large, low doors speed loading and unloading. Loading and unloading doors on RAPID LOAD models are extra large for ease in handling.

AUTOSPOT automatically locates the cylinder in precisely the right position each time for loading and unloading.

HYDRO-CUSHION reduces objectionable vibration. HYDRO-CUSHION is a unique suspension system designed to minimize objectionable vibration. It includes a rugged steel frame and spring-hydraulic units with heavy fluid damping.

Compact design saves space. MILNOR design yields low, compact outer dimensions without sacrificing inner cylinder capacity – real space savers for laundries. Rugged bearing mountings provide rigidity. Large, high-capacity roller bearings are grease lubricated. Three seals shield bearings from the washing solution and keep oil and grease from entering the shell.

Hygienic Processing Environment. Milnor employs anti-microbial paint for structural components to promote a hygienic environment within the washer.

  • Faster loading and unloading
  • Best wash result with excellent washing action
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Auto supply injection
  • Miltouch controls
  • RinSave technology saves water, energy and time
Product Details
Manufacturer MILNOR
Product code 42044WR2, 60044WR2, 72044WR2, 42044SR2, 60044SR2, 72044SR2
Capacity 100kg, 205kg, 295kg

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