Linen Separation Systems

Health Care Laundry Equipment

Aqualogic is a leader in Australian health care laundry solutions.  We offer the equipment, services and resources to meet the high standards required in this critical sector. Our machines deliver the quality of performance required to achieve and even exceed professional best practice standards and related hygiene regulation compliance demands.

Hygienic Solutions for Clean Environments

Health care applications such as hospitals and day surgeries naturally require clean, hygienic laundry solutions. Our machines are reliable, cost effective and efficient. We also offer services, including laundry design, to help our clients meet their onsite performance and capacity requirements.

Laundry Systems Overview

Our systems are designed and developed in accordance with Australian Standards. These fully scalable systems are designed to provide guaranteed disinfection, improving your control over contamination and cross infection risks.

Our experts are familiar with the requirements of the health care sector through direct experience in this industry. We can assist with practical solutions for onsite needs. We offer small washer and dryer installations as well as full-scale hygienic laundry solutions and specialised equipment.

Site Evaluation and Planning

We offer a no obligation site evaluation to assist with your laundry planning needs. We can assist with upgrades, new installations, layout, design, technical support and more.

Maintenance and Servicing

Aqualogic offers a wide range of maintenance and service programs. These are tailored to your business needs to ensure you meet all the relevant accreditation standards. Our mobile service provides instant reliable support when you need it to prevent downtime and lost productivity.

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Our Linen Separation Systems Range: