Commercial Laundry Equipment Sales and Service in Australia

Aqualogic has a proven track record of large-scale installation projects, service and support of Commercial Laundry Appliances.

Built Better to Last Longer – Leading Brands You Can Trust

Aqualogic has a long history of large scale installation projects, servicing and support for numerous projects around Australia. We offer our customers a range of compelling choices for commercial laundries.

Our manufacturers design and build industrial products that are engineered for the tough environment of a commercial laundry. We partner with names like MILNOR, CHICAGO, COLMAC and ETECH to provide the best solutions for you. These world-renowned brands have provided years of trouble free, economical operation in the commercial laundry sector and they continue to lead the world in terms of new product development and innovation.

Their equipment is designed to process work-wear and garments, hospital and hospitality linen, uniforms, as well as mats and other specialty items.

Our Commercial Laundries Range

To find the laundry equipment that meets your commercial needs, simply browse through our products and explore the technical information and specifications. Each of our machines provides practical and cost benefits for your business, delivering exceptional performance and improved handling for your laundry.

Managing Site Requirements

Do you need to balance larger units with the realities of space management? Talk to Aqualogic about our site evaluation and installation services. We can help you plan and upgrade your commercial laundry from start to finish, assisting with machine selection, installation and site management issues.

Our Packages and Cost Options

With our SMART CARE and TOTAL CARE packages, we can offer you rental solutions, member discounts, and maintenance solutions to help your business. Talk directly to our team about your specific needs.

We’re Here to Help

Talk to our experts about your commercial laundry and we’ll develop a customised solution for you. Give us a call on 1300 222 119 or contact us online and ask us for an obligation-free evaluation today!

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Call 1300 222 119 or contact us online to talk to our laundry experts. Our team of professionals can help you with machine selection, technical information, site issues, and any other support or guidance you require.