CHICAGO Laser Line Ironers

Power, evaporation, economy, reliability. High production cylinder ironers known as the workhorse of the laundry environment. Rugged build, convenient features, energy efficient with loads of ironing capacity for the size.

LASER 13, 16, 20, and 24 (330 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, and 600 mm) mid-range ironers are traditional workhorses with Chicago’s exclusive Eagle Eye touchless temperature control on gas heated models, ASME certified roll on steam models, and high output heaters on electric heated models. Each Laser Line ironer delivers extra drying power when needed and reduces energy consumption when production demands are lower. Complete with AC frequency inverter variable speed drive and speeds up to 70 FPM (20 m/min) in a choice of six roll lengths and four diameters to match the needs of any mid-size commercial, on premise, or party rental laundry requiring production of 120 to 400 pounds (54 to 180 kg) per hour. Choice of space-saving front or versatile rear/front return models. A complete range of 60″, 85″, 110″, 120″ (1500mm-3050mm) or extra-wide 136″ (3500mm) ironers is available.

The gas heated GO ironer series offers clear flow burner technology with Chicago-style BTU drying power for more even heat distribution and greater simplicity than ever before. Optional chrome-plated heated cylinder eliminates the need for waxing.

  • Power Production Series for gas heated ironers, including Power Burner and Eagle Eye technology assure dramatic production increases compared to dated atmospheric burners
  • AC frequency inverter variable speed drive
  • Soft start meaning less stress on drive components and less maintenance
  • Touch control extended speed ranges not available on other medium sized ironers
  • Touch control for smooth speed changes
  • Jog forward / reverse for flexibility and easier maintenance
  • Reduced drive components meaning less wear and maintenance
  • Dynamic breaking
  • Digital speed indicator
  • Advanced temperature control
  • Insulated rear heat shield and end panels
  • Type F or R models for front or rear discharge of finished linen
  • Optional heavy duty chrome plated cylinder 
Product Details
Manufacturer CHICAGO
Capacity Length - 3048mm, 3454mm

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