CHICAGO Century Deep Chest Ironing System

Deep Chest Ironing system available in various size multi-roll configurations with steam or thermal fluid heating

CENTURY is Chicago’s intelligent multi-roll (one to four) deep chest industrial ironer. Available in a choice of 32″ (800mm), 42″ (1050mm), or 52″ (1300mm) diameter rolls in steam or thermal fluid models for production of 600 to 2000 pounds (270 to 900 kg) per hour, Century brings the convenience of CHI message screen control and diagnostics to a high speed industrial ironer designed to live up to the Chicago name.

State-of-the-art CHI•Drive, the industry’s only direct inverter “all roll” drive is combined with high quality textiles, and premium mechanical, pneumatic, and electrical components with excellent maintenance access to ensure outstanding long term performance for Century users.

  • Rigid chest for longevity and quality
  • Fully insulated, ASME inspected, ground and highly polished steel chests
  • Heavy duty laser cut and welded steel end frames for precise component alignment
  • High quality springs and quality padding for superior linen finish
  • CHI Drive all-roll direct drive with advanced soft-start AC frequency inverter variable speed control with user friendly diagnostics
  • Rolls can be raised and locked pneumatically for ease of maintenance
  • Automatic tensioning of ironer tapes
  • Complete protection with safety finger guard, front and rear emergency stop, pneumatic disc brakes and safety labels
  • Rolls are stopped, raised and locked when power is interrupted or finger guard is pushed
  • CHI microprocessor control with message screen for ease of use
Product Details
Manufacturer CHICAGO
Product code 3200I, 3200II, 3200III, 3200IV, 4200I, 4200II, 4200III, 4200IV, 5200I, 5200II, 5200III
Capacity Length - 3048mm, 3454mm Diameter - 32" (800mm), 42" (1050mm), 52" (1300mm)

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