CHICAGO Duo-Star Compact Ironer / Folder

One piece ironer/folder with powerful high quality ironing and primary folding in a compact format.

Now Chicago’s powerful 20” (500mm) diameter roll ironers (with all the standard features of Chicago’s Laser Series with up to twice the drying power of other ironers) are also offered with the high level accuracy and dependability of “Tri-Star” style primary folding in a brand new design. After drying and ironing, linen moves directly into the primary fold section where one or two primary folds are performed by timed air pulses. Four lane small piece folding is also an available option.

Available with either the classic CHI•Panel or Chicago’s unique CHI•Touch PC-based touch screen control system. The advanced features of the CHI•Touch automatically selects the correct number of folds for all sizes of bed and table linen, eliminating the possibility of manual selection errors. If needs change, the auto mode can be changed to individual customized program settings or the DUO-STAR can be operated in manual folding control mode. Operating, test, and diagnostic on-screen messages are in both text and graphical format for easy-to-understand operation

Combining the strengths of the well-know Power Production Series of ironers with the precision primary folding of the Tristar Series, Duo-Star offers an exciting alternative for the combination ironer/folder user. With unmatched drying power, it provides maximum flexibility to increase speed without sacrificing drying or finish quality.

  • Compact foot print saves valuable floor space
  • Powerful 20″ (500mm) diameter roll with finishing widths of 110″ (2794mm), 120″ (3048mm) or 136″ (3454mm)
  • Labour saving once-piece ironer and folder with precision primary folding
  • Mirror-finish ground and polished ironing cylinder guarantees even and efficient heat transfer along the roll
  • Folded or ironed only items are returned to the front table for convenient operator removal
  • Touch control frequency inverter variable speed drive with soft start and jog features
  • Exclusive heat-lock system, including exhaust canopy with insulated rear heat shield, blower and motor removes excess moisture, raises the ironing temperature, reduces energy consumption and improves laundry room comfort
  • Pneumatically controlled compression rolls ensure uniform ironing and simplified operation
  • Environmentally safe Nomex high temperature textiles for longevity and easy replacement
  • High-efficiency POWER burner produces maximum drying power for faster evaporation of moisture from wet linen
Product Details
Manufacturer CHICAGO
Capacity Roll - 500mm Length - 2794mm, 3048mm, 3454mm

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