CHICAGO Air Chicago Small Piece Folder Series

Air Chicago offers reliable, precision French folding for those who demand the best

The AIR CHICAGO folder series offers a wide range of models to meet the needs of commercial laundries. In fact, hospitality and health care laundry facilities prefer Air Chicago for their blanket, patient gown, and French folding towel folder because the Air Induced Response provides highly accurate French folds and crossfolds without the use of folding blades. The operator selects the type of item being processed and everything else is done automatically by the Chicago High Intelligence (CHI) control, including width adjustment, air blast level and timing, crossfold selection, stack size and conveyor advance. The delivery conveyor can be adjusted to discharge stacked towels, blankets and gowns to the front, rear, or side of folder. Air Chicago is also available with CHI•Touch, our new PC-based colour touch screen control.

  • Available with either CHI Microprocessor control system or state-of-the-art CHI-Touch PC based touch screen control system
  • Split input feed conveyor allows faster, easier and more accurate feeding
  • Self container motor drive eliminates numerous mechanical parts, reducing maintenance and improving efficiency
  • 16 program capability
  • All folds performed by reliable photocells and air blasts – no blades
  • Chicago Automatic Reject Processor bypass system allows operators to reject stained or torn items
  • Delivery conveyor can be positioned to the left or right to return folded items
  • Available in a variety of models / sizes to accommodate a wide variety of items
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Manufacturer CHICAGO

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