MILNOR 48040 Suspended Open Pocket Washer Extractor Series

Available in tilting and non-tilting models, Milnor’s 48040 F-Series is an ideal choice for commercial laundries. RinSave® water saver, an exclusive feature from Milnor, is standard on these rugged washer-extractors.

The centre of mass is located where an imbalance would occur. With Smooth Coil™ Suspension System, constructed of highly engineered fabric and rubber layered coils that provide low natural frequencies, vibration is constantly isolated (delivering smooth operation and performance). Dynamic forces are evenly applied resulting in: minimum vibration, smooth extraction, less wear and tear, and longer machine life. Tapered roller bearings have a large contact area – spreading force and contributing to long life. Front and rear bearings are fixed in the same housing, preventing damaging misalignment. Like all Milnor machinery, 48040 F-Series machines typically last longer because of their legendary ruggedness, thoughtful design, and dependable quality.

Milnor’s efficient 48040 F-Series is also eco-friendly. Milnor’s RinSave® water saver feature is standard on all 48040 F-Series washers (with either E-P Plus® or MilTouch™ controls). The patented software drives the basket toward a precise G-force that “slings” the wash liquor (including water, chemistry, and soil) out of the goods after a wash step. This feature will save up to 2 rinses per load and fill/rinse time. Laundries with the RinSave® feature will get more loads per hour to save you money! Simple hot and cold water inlets are used to quickly fill the washer without fill level overshoot. A third water inlet is used to thoroughly dilute chemicals so that raw chemicals do not directly contact and damage linens. Accurate water levels promote proper washing and prevent wasting water.

Milnor’s 48040 F-Series is highly efficient, reducing your utility costs. The frequency inverter drive allows the motor to reach maximum extraction speed more efficiently, thereby reducing peak electricity amperage draw compared to multi-speed motor machines. Bigger cylinder perforations provide (1) better wash quality by promoting excellent interchange of the goods with water and chemistry, (2) better rinsing by allowing rinse water to freely interact with the goods, and (3) better extraction by allowing water to escape from goods easily and quickly. The cylinder design minimizes wasteful rewashes and reduces drying time, all resulting in lower energy costs.

The second highest expense in a laundry is the cost of the linen (or to replace it). Milnor’s 48040 F-Series can help you extend your linen life with its safe chemical injection system. Chemicals are injected in the rear of the machine, then diluted and flushed into the sump. This prevents raw chemistry from coming into direct contact with the linen or the stainless steel. In addition to the chemical injection system, the 48040 F-Series’ spacious wash cylinders provide more room for lift and drop action and for goods to open up and absorb wash and rinse water – ensuring goods get clean the first time, reducing rewashes and linen fatigue.

  • Easy loading/unloading with large door (tilting models available)
  • Dynamically tuned suspension cushions vibration
  • Models have been tested for over 1,000 hours in an out-of-balance state
  • Touchscreen control available
  • Superior wash cylinder design yields greater mechanical action (reduces rewashes for
  • prolonged linen life)
  • Four models to suit your laundry’s needs
Product Details
Manufacturer MILNOR
Product code 48040F7J, 48040F7B, 48040F7X, 48040F7D
Capacity 125kg

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