COLMAC CFS SkinnyMac Tunnel Finisher Series

The CFS Series tunnel finishers are designed for the shoulder-to-shoulder finishing of garments and are best suited for dry-to-dry finishing of garments. However, they are capable of damp-to-dry at slower production speeds. This series is ideal for dry cleaners, hotel laundries, institutional laundries and other on premise laundry applications.

SkinnyMac CFS SERIES NARROW BODY TUNNEL FINISHERS FOR CLEANED GARMENTS Steams out and shakes down your pressing costs – high production steam-air finishing without sacrificing quality. Greatly reduces the labour, the cost and the floor space needed to finish coats, gowns, blouses, dresses, casual shirts & pants, vests, jackets, skirts, suit coats.

  • Labour saving: Reduces or eliminates pressing for many of your dry-cleaned garments. If further finishing is needed, pressing time is greatly reduced.
  • Quality finishing, step 1: Shoulder-to-shoulder orientation allows close-up and complete steaming of the garment for full penetration and relaxation of fabrics, which is the key step to the quality finishing of dry-cleaned garments.
  • Quality finishing, step 2: Thermostatically-controlled airflow gently shakes and heats the garments, enhancing wrinkle and lint removal.
  • Space saving: One tunnel does the work of multiple press stations, resulting in a net gain in valuable floor space.
  • Unattended operation: Autoloader allows the operator to place multiple garments on the powered storage rod, which automatically and precisely loads each garment on a conveyor hook for finishing. After finishing, the garments automatically unload to the exit storage rail. This automatic operation frees the operator for other duties.
  • Greatly reduced heat transfer to the workplace: Narrow entrance & exit openings, fully insulated, continuous internal air circulation, automatic steam on/off as needed, and an optional advanced exhaust system.
  • Match your workload and your budget: Five SkinnyMac models to choose from. 
Product Details
Manufacturer COLMAC
Product code CFS40, CFS50, CFS90, CFS150, CFS300

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