MILNOR Two Stage Press

Two Stage Extraction saves time and removes more water, accommodating two batches at a time.

The two most important features in a batch washer’s extraction press are speed (to avoid delaying the washer) and effective moisture removal (to save time and fuel in the next finishing step). Here’s how Milnor’s press accomplishes both: Extraction is divided into two brief stages – pre-press and main press. In the first, a tamper removes most water quickly but gently. Water exits freely beneath the load, at the sides, and through the top of the tamper. The pre-press basket has large holes for fast initial water removal and lower final moisture retention.

A two-stage press accommodates two batches at once; each undergoes part of the job concurrently to save time.

Unlike other two-stage presses, Milnor‘s has a traveling basket. It holds the load together while transporting it from pre-press to the main press. This helps prevent faults that impede production. The machine’s two-speed drive gives fast turnaround and precise positioning. Its ability to avoid abrupt stops also helps prevent cake collapse.

  • The high quality design, construction and materials employed are just what you’d expect from MILNOR – 
  • All steel parts that contact the goods are stainless. The press is able to operate at high pressure because the bell is a true spherical-end pressure vessel. This
  • eliminates the need for intersecting reinforcement members, which creates stress concentration and thus, failure points.
  • Free-floating, roller-guided bell needs no guide rods (which can cause the bell to jam or travel slowly). The bell is clamped by a ring of steel that distributes stress uniformly and permits high pressure. 
  • The membrane press frame is rigidly constructed of thick steel, continuously welded for strength. Pressure and volume pumps are belt-driven, not direct-driven with a coupling (so perfect pump/motor alignment is not needed to prevent strain on the pump shaft). There are no mechanical pumps for lifting water (these tend to wear out faster because they lose suction and overheat). Instead, MILNOR removes water from the bell by a trouble-free venturi pump (which has no moving parts).
  • The press can be ordered for various installation arrangements – straight-line or right angle in either direction, fitting to your laundry’s size and shape.
  • The press can be added to existing batch washer installations. The feed end is at an ideal height for many batch washers, eliminating the need for digging a pit for the press. Higher pressure insures better extraction in a given period. This reduces drying time and saves fuel. MILNOR also employs relatively small motors, which consume less power. 
Product Details
Manufacturer MILNOR
Product code MP2501
Capacity 50kg

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