MILNOR Single Stage Press

Single Stage Extraction Press in a variety of sizes and pressures for automated CBW/PBW batch washing systems.

Rugged, versatile and strong – MILNOR’s single stage press extraction systems make it easy to tailor a batch washing system to your needs.

  • Variety of sizes and pressures tailored to your needs (50kg, 68kg, 118kg – up to 56 bar pressure)
  • Extracts a wide variety of goods – can process 100% polyester, 100% cotton and pol/cotton blends effectively
  • Hygienic processing environment – stainless steel and antimicrobial paint, integrated pressing hood and positive ventilation promote hygienic environment
  • Save space – compact design available inline or 90 degree angle to sit laundries of all shapes and sizes
  • Ratcheting ram – for extended diaphragm life
  • Ruggedly built – rigid structure absorbs stress for long, trouble fee life
  • Versatile and simple controls – proven, easy to use controls integrate with Mildata for central programming
Product Details
Manufacturer MILNOR
Product code MP1540, MP1556, MP1640, MP1650, MP1556, MPIA50
Capacity 50kg, 68kg, 118kg

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