MILNOR Centrifugal Extractor

Extract even the most delicate and difficult-to-handle fabrics automatically in a CBW®/PBW™ batch washing system – brings full automation to processing all types of linen, even the most delicate and difficult-to-handle fabrics.

With cylinder speeds up to 1000 RPMs and 600 G-forces, Milnor’s centrifugal extractor produces excellent moisture removal. Pre-extract load distribution speed minimizes out-of-balance conditions. The single-motor drive system with an inverter produces a full range of speeds.

The extractor teamed with any size Milnor tunnel washer, broadens a laundry’s processing opportunities. With cycle times as low as 2 ½ minutes, Milnor’s centrifugal extractor can produce over 24 loads per hour (depending upon goods and programming). The single motor and inverter produce a full range of speeds.

  • Efficient loading and unloading – the hydraulic system of Milnor’s centrifugal extractor is designed to tilt quickly for fast turnaround between loads.
  • Extracts polycot tons and barrier cloth with ease – Milnor’s centrifugal extractor works especially well with polycot ton goods such as uniforms. Reducing moisture retention without setting wrinkles allows these uniforms to go directly to a steam finishing tunnel.
  • Maximum moisture removal reduces drying times and saves fuel
  • Designed for a variety of configurations
  • 4 programmable extract speeds
  • Ideal for mat-processing laundries because it allows for continuous production and reduces post-processing
  • Microprocessor control links to washer and dryer controls for completely automated system
  • Suspension system isolates vibration for high speed operation
  • Bearing housing supported 360° by massive ring-of-steel design
  • Dynamic braking uses the inverter, not discs or pads, to shorten turnaround time
  • Links to Mildata® computer system for total plant management
  • Flat back design simplifies service access
Product Details
Manufacturer MILNOR
Product code MX54232, M9V4840
Capacity 68kg, 118kg

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