Feeding & Folding Systems

Laundry folders and feeders for industrial laundry applications

Adding a laundry folder or feeder to your laundry operation can enhance efficiency and improve the quality of your finished linen. These additions to your commercial laundry are particularly important to larger laundry operations where linen processing demands are higher.

Laundry folders and feeders allow staff to easily process linen after the wash process.

Feeders are an add-on machine that attach to the front of a large ironer. They have “hands” that automatically spread out and centre a large sheet, then feed it into the ironer. The feeder means only 1 person is required to feed large sheets into the ironer, reducing labour costs.

 Folders can either be incorporated into an ironer or are a standalone unit. A series of sensors determine the dimensions of the sheet or towel and fold the item according to the programmed fold pattern. Folders allow large items to be folded quickly and with precision.

Both feeders and folders ensure consistent results and reduce labour costs and potential RSI associated injuries.

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