IPSO DR COIN OPERATED Mid Size Tumble Dryer Series

Industrial vended tumble dryers DR50 - DR75

IPSO’s various ranges of coin-operated dryers feature superior technology assets. With a concentrated airflow pattern and sealed cylinders, vended dryers are energy-saving as well as efficient.

Thanks to IPSO’s technology, coin-operated dryers deliver professional results while being energy-saving machines. Available in both single and stacked models, the tumble dryers and stacked tumble dryers. both feature large lint compartments and heavy-duty door hinges built to resist repeated usage.

Featuring easy-to-clean lint compartments, IPSO’s coin-operated dryers are easy-to-maintain and user-friendly. Thanks to a robust design, the tumblers are conceived to resist damage from repeated use and heavy loading.

The drying process of IPSO’s commercial dryers is made of perfectly balanced heat delivering the best commercial drying results. Thanks to its cylinder design and airflow tumble, utility costs are kept low. Coin-operated dryers are available in capacities from 10.9kg up to 31.7kg.


  • Heat Source – Gas (AGA Approved), Electric, Steam
  • DX4 control – easy to use and flexible microprocessor control , 3 freely adaptable programs, temperature can be freely programmed per degree, drying and cool-down times easily programmable
  • Large door opening for easy loading and unloading – extra strong hinge and reversible door
  • Standard galvanized drum – oval drum holes preventing damage from standard drywall screws
  • Unique drum supporting system – at the rear: bearing and at the front: rubber rolls with bearings
  • Large lint filter – easy removal of lint, efficient drying, self cleaning filter
  • Axial airflow (DR55S) – drum perforations only at the front and back, maximum airflow, less energy consumption and short drying times
  • Radial airflow (DR50, 75) – drum perforations over the entire surface, high production, pulley drive system


  • Stainless steel front
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Reversing: prevents tangling of the linen
  • Coin-operated version for vended laundry applications
Product Details
Manufacturer IPSO
Product code DR50C, DR75C
Capacity 50lb, 75lb

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