Labelling Machine

Once printed, labels can then be heat sealed onto linen using a heat seal machine. The labels are sticky allowing you to place them in the correct position for heat sealing without the edges curling up. The labels once heat set will not come off in a normal wash or dryer. Labels are available in various sizes and roll sizes.

Our unique Label Printing system is designed to suit every labelling need you may have. It is an extremely robust and reliable system, designed for ease of use by anyone in your organisation. The Label System consists of the following:

Thermal Printer
Keyboard Display Unit
Roll of labels
Indelible Thermal Ink Ribbon
Heat Seal Machine

You will find the system to be invaluable in labelling clothing, drapes, towels, slings sheets and linen etc.

Product Details
Manufacturer Aqualogic
Product code X1944
Capacity N/A
Dimensions Custom

Suitable Industries

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