The Milnor Industrial dryer range comes with a variety of standard features that increase productivity and enhance ease-of-use. These tumble dryers can assist loading and unloading through one- and two-way tilting options, as well as either single front door or front- and rear-door options (pass-through). Doors can be ordered as manually-operated or automatic, air-operated. This flexibility makes the industrial dryers suitable for a variety of laundries.

All major electrical and pneumatic components are conveniently located for ease of connection and maintenance. Electrical panel doors use keyed locks for safety. Hinged front and side panels enhance serviceability.

An exclusive microprocessor is the most simple and efficient control. To start the machine, the operator merely selects one of six letters (A through F) and the dryer immediately begins a preprogrammed cycle which has been pre-chosen by the laundry manager. The microprocessor is capable of retaining up to 47 preprogrammed cycles.


  • Advanced microprocessor accurately controls dryer function with easy, push-button commands
  • High-powered, efficient heat sources
  • Reliable roller-driven basket
  • Durable 14-Gauge stainless steel basket
  • Extra large blower motor for fast drying
  • Large-capacity, easy-to-clean front lint basket
  • Electrostatic powder-paint finish is applied inside-and-out and baked-on at 420°F for long life (Most dryers are assembled and then painted only on the outside)
  • Fire Suppression System (FSS)
  • Can be integrated with an automatic conveyor system
  • Reversing feature helps prevent wrinkling
  • Cabinet and access panels are fully insulated to reduce environmental noise and heat
  • Rotational sensor adds an extra element of safety
  • Hinged front panel for maintenance ease


  • Heat Source: Gas, Steam
  • Available in fixed, 1 way tilt or 2 way tilt
  • Available with single door or two doors
  • Pass through option

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We have had a relationship with Aqualogic for many years. They have the largest maintenance team and better availability of parts, both of which were major decision criteria for us.

The Hills Lodge​, Baulkham Hills, NSW


Aqualogic have over time consistently provided competitive pricing, high quality product and dependable service. They understand our business, our guests and the demands the staff are under. Their laundry solutions have always placed our business first, which is critical for a busy 4 star resort in a regional location.

Fairmont Resort​, Leura, NSW


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