For higher volume on premise laundries with limited space, Tri-Star CT all-in-one ironer finishing systems are offered in a choice of 32″, 28″ or 24″ (800 mm, 700 mm, or 600 mm) ironing roll diameters. Each all-in-one unit has a built-in CHI controlled primary folder, crossfolder, and stacker that provides complete finishing of up to 800 pounds (360 kg) per hour in less than half the floor space of a separate ironer and folder. The optional built-in O.P.L. spreader / feeder for large pieces and multi-lane folding for small pieces is also available.

After traveling through the drying ironer, linen moves directly into the primary fold section where one or two primary folds are performed by timed air pulses. The crossfold section and stacker / conveyor are identical to those found on the Skyline large piece folder series featuring self-contained motor drives for improved efficiency and reduced maintenance. Chicago’s exclusive air jet crossfolding eliminates the punch blade at the third crossfold. A neatly crossfolded package with hidden selvage edges is delivered to the left side receiving shelf or in adjustable height stacks on the optional automatic stacker with conveyor.


  • Our all in one ironer provides the same quality you’d expect from one of our separate units, but provides the space saving convenience of a combination machine.
  • Complete high speed ironing/folding and stacking in less than half the floor space of separate units
  • Optional OPL Built In Spreader Feeder for single person operation
  • Choice of three powerful roll diameters: 24″ (600mm), 28″ (700mm) and 32″ (800mm) with finishing widths of 120″ (3048mm) or 136″ (3454mm)
  • Labour savings with less operators
  • Environmentally safe Nomex high temperature textiles for longevity and easy replacement
  • High-efficiency POWER burner produces maximum drying power for faster evaporation of moisture from wet linen
  • On gas fired models, Eagle-Eye electronic touchless ironing temperature sensor assures pinpoint temperature control without need for mechanical contact shoe
  • Offers one or two primary folds with up to three crossfolds and stacker/conveyor (dependent on model)
  • Four lane primary folding is also an option
  • Available in gas or steam heating


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We have had a relationship with Aqualogic for many years. They have the largest maintenance team and better availability of parts, both of which were major decision criteria for us.

The Hills Lodge​, Baulkham Hills, NSW


Aqualogic have over time consistently provided competitive pricing, high quality product and dependable service. They understand our business, our guests and the demands the staff are under. Their laundry solutions have always placed our business first, which is critical for a busy 4 star resort in a regional location.

Fairmont Resort​, Leura, NSW


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