How to organise your linen for the best wash results

January 20, 2018

It’s not hard to get the best wash results possible, first time and every time. In fact, with just a few simple tricks, you could increase your laundry’s efficiency and the satisfaction of your customers.

How do you get the best wash results? It starts at the beginning, with the sorting process.

Take the time to sort

When soiled linen arrives at the laundry, every piece should be sorted into categories, with similar items bundled together. If available, coloured skip bins or trolleys are a great way to sort ‘like-for-like’ items.

Any items that are heavily soiled should be bagged up separately at the point of collection, so they can be washed as required and kept from further soiling the other linens.

By investing a little time into pre-wash sorting, you will be prepared to wash each category of linens in the most effective way.

Use the right wash cycle

Once sorted, each category of soiled linen should be washed on the most appropriate wash cycle for that category. This will create the best wash results, and will help to protect the linens from colour run and damage.

For example, whites will remain at the whitest when washed with other white items on a wash cycle containing bleach. Including coloured items with your whites can cause decolouring. If bleach is used, any coloured items included also have the potential to become damaged.

If you are using industrial grade washing machines, your chemical company or supplier should have set up a separate wash cycle for each individual textile category. This will give you a significant advantage in achieving the best wash results possible, and will minimise potential fabric damage.

Don’t forget to rotate

When it comes to the use of clean linens, it is common for some linen to be in high use, while the rest is on little to no rotation. This is because the same towels or sheets get put in the front of the linen storage after washing, ready to be used first the next time. Linens at the back of the storage do not get used as often.

Obviously, this results in high use linen being worn out faster. Replacement linen is then purchased, and the process repeats. Linen replacement costs go up unnecessarily, and residents and guests may complain that the linen is of poor quality.

This is an easy problem to rectify. Simply ensure that laundry staff turn the clean linen piles upside down, and store the newly cleaned linen at the back of the storage.

That way, all of the linen is used evenly, resulting in lower replacement costs and greater longevity. Remember: linen rotation is important!

Phone a friend

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