Machine Upgrades

February 18, 2018

How to Save Money and Upgrade Your Old Washing Machine at Exactly the Right Time

We all need a bit of extra care as we get older, and commercial washing machines are no different. As washing machines start to age, they cost more to run and repair. In this regard, washing machines are not unlike motor vehicles: they can provide 10 years or more of trouble free operation if serviced regularly, but most people sell them earlier, before major repair costs are incurred.

Knowing the most cost effective time to replace your machines can save you significant time and money, allowing you to get the most out of your current machines while avoiding unnecessary repair costs.

At Aqualogic, we offer unique technology and flexible purchase options that allow our customers to pinpoint the most cost effective time to replace their machines, and take the stress out of purchasing new ones. We also offer trade-in prices for existing machines, depending on their condition.

Knowing the total lifecycle cost of your machines

Aqualogic run a computerised service management system that electronically captures all work performed on your machine for life. If your machine is being serviced by us, we can provide a total spend report for each machine serial number. This allows us to calculate exactly when the most cost effective time to replace your machine is.

This trustworthy, empowering information means less repair costs for our customers, who are now able to make decisions regarding the replacement of their machines with confidence.

Asset management

We have been in the laundry equipment business for almost 50 years. We know washing machines, and we have developed systems to support our knowledge.

Only Aqualogic includes, with all maintenance packages, the documentation and tracking of hour-meter counters on our machines. This helps us to predict when major components are likely to fail, in turn helping our customers to avoid large, unexpected repair bills.

Based on our experience and the data that we gather, we are also able to provide forecasted machine replacement schedules, which allow you to better manage your capital expenditure budget.

Purchase options with no capital outlay

When the time comes to replace your washing machines, Aqualogic’s purchase options can help you avoid the stress of large capital outlays while keeping your laundry operational.

There’s no need to be limited by choice: we have rental and leasing options across our whole range of laundry machinery.

Our rental and leasing options provide the following benefits:


  • – Fixed monthly payments over 5 years;
  • – All service, maintenance and parts included;
  • – Choice to renew your agreement or upgrade to new machines at the end of the rental term;
  • – Set costs for the duration of the agreement, providing complete peace of mind with no breakdown repair bills to worry about;
  • – Tax deductibility.


  • – Fixed monthly payments over 5 years;
  • – Maintenance is included, but service and parts are payable;
  • – Choice to renew your agreement or upgrade to new machines at the end of the term;
  • – Reduced monthly payments with a PAYG component if/when repairs are required, providing flexibility;
  • – Tax deductibility. 

Choose Aqualogic for upgrading your washing machines

At Aqualogic, we exist to help your laundry business succeed. We are experts in the acquisition and maintenance of laundry equipment, and we will provide all of the support you need to start or grow your commercial laundry. For more information on our comprehensive range of equipment and services, contact us online today or call 1300 222 119.