What to Look for in a Laundry Installer

April 6, 2017

An important aspect of running an industrial or commercial laundry is knowing that you have a safe and healthy environment for staff to work in, ensuring that the operation is efficient and ensuring that the linen process produces top quality results.

Knowing that you have had a professionally qualified and certified technician install your equipment to the health, work and safety guidelines provides peace of mind and is essential to achieving a safe, efficient and cost-effective laundry service for the years to come.

Here is what you should look out for in a laundry installer.

Experience in Multiple Settings

Installing a washer and dryer in a domestic residence is a lot easier than installing a full set of laundry equipment in a commercial or industrial setting. Whether the installer is working to help build up a Laundromat or set up the laundry room in a hotel, you will want to count on their expertise and practical experience to assist you in developing the right solution.

A qualified installer will be able to recommend the right equipment for your needs and they will also be able to install everything according to a layout that is both effective and efficient.  

Ability to Create Tailor Made Solutions

One way to see if an installer is worth the money is to ask plenty of questions about the way they work and see if their answers are satisfactory.

Make sure you question your potential laundry installer about their methods. Ensure that they understand and can provide comprehensive solutions for things like the volume and mix of work that your staff will be facing, the types of fabrics that you need to wash and dry, and how to best utilise the available space.

In addition, take note of whether they ask you plenty of questions. An installer that asks a lot of specific questions is more likely to be thorough. This aids them in gathering all of the relevant information and providing a tailor made solution to suit your needs and the needs of your business and staff.

Understanding of Different Laundry Appliances

Different industries require different laundry accessories. Where a large hotel or restaurant might require the addition of linen separation systems or folding systems to get more work done quickly, health care facilities might require the use of tunnel finishers and garment finishers to regulate hygiene.

Customer Service and Machine Maintenance

Determine the installer’s customer service and machine maintenance policies. You want to choose a company that provides leading warranties for their equipment and installation. In addition, it’s important to find someone who provides extensive customer care and support services for continued functionality of your machines. Ask about any planned service and maintenance programs, as well.

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