Lint – Beware!

October 17, 2016

We are regularly called to service dryers with reported fault of ‘not heating’.

On occasion, we are greeted by an immediate visual clue in our fault finding process. LINT SCREEN NOT BEING CLEANED AS REQUIRED. The photos below show an all too familiar sight that greets us on opening a tumbler. Lint so thick it resembles a padded blanket!

The lint screen plays a vital role in capturing the airborne lint and stopping it from entering the exhaust, however, failure to regularly clean the lint screen and the lint compartment will certainly result at least in an unnecessary service call and at worst a fire hazard!

Fortunately, our dryers have a large, easy access lint collection area. This ensures it is both quick and simple for users to carry out this cleaning function regularly. Depending on the type and age of fabrics being processed, you may need to clean lint collections after each load – however, we suggest a couple of times per day will generally keep you in the clear.

So remember the cleaner the lint area – the more efficient and reliable your dryer will be.