Learn how IPSO’s Over-dry Prevention Technology can save you time and increase efficiency in your laundry.

November 19, 2018

When most people consider the performance and efficiency of their laundry, efforts are typically focused on the wash aisle. However, the dry aisle is just as susceptible to inefficiencies; namely excessive drying times which lead to inflated utility costs.

Our experience illustrates that people tend to over-dry their linens on average by 8 minutes per load* which equates to thousands of dollars in additional utilities over the life of the dryer.

Introducing – Over-dry Prevention Technology (OPT)

Our new range of dryers have inbuilt moisture sensors incorporated into the lifters in the drum. The IPSO OPT equipped dryers constantly measure the moisture content of the load and automatically switch to cool down once the desired dryness level is reached.

My dryer has auto-dry cycles which sense when the load is dry, how is OPT different?

Some dryers from previous year have an auto-dry function which may appear to be the same feature, however it’s not. Dryers without OPT monitors the time taken to heat and reach temperature using a thermostat sensor and computer algorithm. The assumption is, the faster the dryer heats to temperature, the drier the load must be. Anyone who has used these auto-dry cycles will tell you that this technology is not always accurate, forcing the operator to dry the load again to get the textiles completely dry.

What can this technology do for you?

As the name suggests, IPSO’s unique moisture sensing system will accurately dry any dryer-compatible textiles in the fastest time possible without having to dry twice. OPT also allows the operator to dry different textiles to a specified moisture content. For example, for fluffy soft towels are best achieved at 3% moisture content. This dryness level can be pre-programmed from 0-40% and provides complete flexibility to the laundry operator.

Why do we recommend an IPSO OPT Dryer?


Reduced Utility Costs

Once the load reaches the pre-set level of dryness, OPT automatically stops your tumble dryer. This alone will save you money on costly utility bills.

Minimise Labour Costs

With OPT, the drying time of each load is reduced and result is maximised throughput per labour hour. This eliminates the overtime cost allowing you to redeploy this labour in another area of your business or reduce the rostered hours accordingly. The choice is yours.

Extend the Linen Life

As we know, over-drying the linens causes them to become prematurely tattered and worn. In our recent study, it shows that linens experience 31% less fibre loss when over-drying is eliminated.


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