Celebrating International Women’s Day at Aqualogic

March 8, 2019

Operating in an industry that is heavily industrial, Aqualogic embraces women in business. While there are many fantastic women who make up the Aqualogic family, we thought in recognition of International Women’s Day this year, we’d explore a little more about what it’s like to be a woman at Aqualogic and gain insights into their experiences in business with our two Directors Lisa Horne and Kim Charles.

Over the 50 years Aqualogic has been operating, the company has seen great change. From its humble beginnings in 1968 with only 2 employees, to the great business that it is today. Lisa and Kim have both seen and nurtured Aqualogic’s growth, empowering and encouraging all members of the Aqualogic team to be the best versions of themselves.

Lisa and Kim both set an example of strength, confidence and capability. It is particularly important in the role they both play as owners of the business and also the example that they set for their families.

Being a family owned business, work life balance has been an important part of Aqualogic’s success. Lisa and Kim have successfully raised their families while owning and operating Aqualogic.

“As a business owner you need to be able to encourage, provide vision and lead by example. This has always been important to us at Aqualogic” Lisa said.

It’s equally as important to recognise the lineage of women who helped shape the business from the beginning.

“Both our Mother and Grandmother were key women in our business, being great mentors. We honour their legacy and continue to build a team of competent, loyal people” said Kim.

While Lisa and Kim have both had positive experiences in business, they also recognise that there still remain some challenges for those setting out in their career or looking to own and grow a business. “Undoubtedly, women are under-represented in management roles – however, I feel that this is changing. I have been fortunate to work with, for, under and over numerous outstanding individuals, both male and females. I have also been privileged to be surrounded by wonderful mentors and coaches where gender is irrelevant, both personally and professionally” Lisa said. “Access to childcare, supportive partners sharing responsibility and tossing out old gender-based roles is happening and will continue to improve outcomes for women in the workforce. In addition, old patriarchal views are being challenged with individuals judged on capabilities and performance, not gender. A bright (and well deserved) future is ahead for women in business” Lisa believes.

As the role of women in business is shifting, with a higher emphasis on equality, both Lisa and Kim share their advice to any young person setting out on a career in business.

“Smile! Focus, engage, ask for feedback. Be proactive and not complacent. Find wonderful mentors. Invest in yourself – whether that be education, well-being or other activities.” Lisa encourages.
“Success comes from the people around you, working hard and taking some risks” Kim advises.

So, as we celebrate all women this International Women’s Day and the push towards equality, we appreciate the strong women of Aqualogic and everything they do to make our company continue to grow strongly into the future.