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Holiday parks and short-term rental properties are bustling hubs of activity especially as we come into the warmer months that service visitors from all walks of life. In such busy and bustling, efficient laundry systems are crucial to keep guests satisfied and operations running smoothly. 

Many holiday park operators are now looking to upgrade their laundry facilities, often due to dissatisfaction with machine servicing and a desire to switch to cashless payment systems instead of coin operated machines. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best laundry systems for holiday parks and short-term rentals, including machine recommendations and the benefits of going cashless.

1. Small Commercial Coin-Vended Washers and Dryers

For holiday parks and short-term rentals, small commercial coin-vended washers and dryers are a popular choice. These machines are designed to handle the laundry needs of individual guests and smaller groups. 

Here are some key advantages if you’re thinking of introducing coin-vended machines to your business:

User-Friendly: Coin-operated machines are easy for guests to use, requiring minimal staff intervention.

Space-Efficient: These compact machines fit well in laundry rooms or common areas without taking up too much space.

Customisable Pricing: You can set the coin values to match your laundry service pricing structure.

When selecting coin-vended machines, ensure they are robust and equipped with features like energy-efficient settings and automatic detergent dispensers.

2. Commercial Washer and Dryer for Staff Use

In addition to guest laundry facilities, holiday parks often require laundry equipment for staff use. Commercial washer and commercial dryer units for “back of house” laundry, such as cleaning cabin linen, towels and uniforms are essential. 

Consider the following factors when looking at choosing machines for staff:

Capacity: Opt for larger machines to handle the volume of linen used in your holiday park cabins efficiently.

Durability: Commercial-grade equipment is designed for heavy use and can withstand frequent laundry cycles.

Energy Efficiency: Look for models with energy-saving features to reduce utility costs.

These machines are an integral part of maintaining the cleanliness and comfort of your holiday park accommodations.

3. Switch to Cashless Payment Systems

Many holiday park operators are moving away from coin-operated machines and embracing cashless payment systems as people take a step back from carrying cash. 

This shift to cashless payments offer numerous benefits:

Convenience: Guests can pay for laundry services with credit/debit cards or mobile apps, eliminating the need for coins to do their washing.

Lower Maintenance: Cashless systems are less prone to coin jams and vandalism, reducing maintenance costs.

Increased Revenue: With cashless options, you can set different pricing levels and offer promotions, potentially increasing revenue.

It’s essential to choose a reputable cashless payment system provider that offers secure and user-friendly solutions when you are looking to integrate cashless payments to your laundry solutions.

4. Machine Servicing and Maintenance

To ensure the longevity and efficiency of your laundry equipment, regular servicing and maintenance are critical. Many holiday park operators have faced issues with unreliable servicing in the past. 

When selecting a laundry equipment supplier, like us at Aqualogic, consider the following:

Service Contracts: Opt for suppliers who offer comprehensive service contracts, including regular maintenance visits as well as urgent repairs.

Responsive Support: Ensure your supplier has a responsive customer support team that can address issues promptly.

Quality Parts: Choose machines from manufacturers known for the availability of quality replacement parts.

Proactive maintenance and timely repairs are essential to prevent downtime and maintain your guests satisfaction at all times.

Why Choose Aqualogic for Holiday Park Laundry Solutions:

Before making a purchase, consult with a member of our team at Aqualogic to help to determine the best machines that will suit your specific needs and budget.

Selecting the right laundry systems for holiday parks and short-term rentals is essential to provide guests with clean and convenient laundry facilities. 

Ensure you choose a reliable equipment supplier like us at Aqualogic that offers responsive servicing and maintenance to keep your laundry operations running smoothly. By investing in the right laundry systems, you can enhance guest satisfaction and streamline your holiday park operations.

Aqualogic are available to assist with your enquiries and provide any help and guidance you require.

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Aqualogic were very proactive and comprehensive in their approach to solutions. The whole process has been made so simple because it has all been taken care of by Aqualogic. As a busy holiday park, we are very pleased with the new machinery, the cashless systems and the ongoing maintenance service.

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Aqualogic have over time consistently provided competitive pricing, high quality product and dependable service. They understand our business, our guests and the demands the staff are under. Their laundry solutions have always placed our business first, which is critical for a busy 4 star resort in a regional location.

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7 Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid

When Buying Commercial Washing Machines

7 Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid

When Buying Commercial Dryers

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