Benefits of drying cabinets for your business

July 18, 2019

What are drying cabinets?

Drying cabinets are the alternative to tumble dryers and are ideal for drying all of those clothing items you would not or could not normally put into a tumble dryer. They are becoming increasingly popular here in Australia for our emergency services and in areas where heavy clothing is required such as the ski fields.

What are they used for?

Any clothing items can be dried in a drying cabinet, but they are particularly useful for items such as delicate woollen items, silks, velvet, linen, gloves, hats, bags, and all types of footwear from slippers to runners to gumboots and work boots. In short, drying cabinets are the logical alternative to drying any items not suited to tumble drying.

But drying cabinets are not only useful for delicate items. They are also ideal for big bulky items such as ski jackets and boots, and all other kinds of outdoor clothing and workwear. Particularly where the climate is not conducive to drying outdoors.

Benefits of using drying cabinets

Because there are no moving parts, materials are not damaged by stretching. The gentle heat of the cabinet also means that materials are not overheated. This extends the life of not only delicate materials such as wool, silk and linen, but also reduces shrinkage of wool and premature ageing or cracking of materials such as rubber and leather. The gentle heat also extends the life of clothing with delicate reflector coatings such as high visibility reflective vests, cycling and running gear.

Having no moving parts also means that drying cabinets are very energy efficient and have reduced maintenance issues.

Users who can benefit from drying cabinets

Drying cabinets are ideal for organisations who need their clothes to dry fast without getting damaged. This makes them ideal for numerous employers whose staff must work outdoors: emergency services (fire, ambulance and police), the military, farms, sports clubs, airports, ski resorts, oil platforms, ships, the fishing industry, and diving schools. The drying cabinet is especially great in winter when cold weather normally means extended drying times.

Drying cabinets are not only ideal for these employers, but also for individuals who spend time outside doing activities such as camping, hiking, surfing, diving, etc.

But it is not only people who work outdoors who can benefit from using drying cabinets. People who work indoors in places where clothing is changed frequently would also find drying cabinets useful and practical. This includes theatres, laboratories, hospitals, and spas, just to name a few.

Drying cabinets are also advantageous to the laundry business. Any laundry which can offer a drying cabinet service to its customers will certainly stand out from the others.

Want to know more about drying cabinets?

At Aqualogic we’ve been in the laundry business for over 50 years. Our team of laundry specialists can take you through the many benefits adding a drying cabinet could have to your business. To have all your questions answered, please contact us online or give us a call on 1300 222 119 to discuss your specific needs.

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