A Guide to Creating Laundry Education

December 14, 2020

The basis of good laundry process is to have a logical work flow where dirty laundry enters for washing, proceeds through the drying area, is finished, ironed, sorted and stored, then leaves clean.
Your training programs should centre around this work flow and include best practices, core process descriptions, and the specific methods and standards for how work is to be performed.


Training should have clear guidelines and teach employees all laundry procedures, including;

  • The correct operation of all laundry equipment
  • The potential infectious hazards of soiled linen and appropriate handling procedures to prevent the spread of micro-organisms
  • Minimising staff movement from dirty areas where soiled linen is handled to clean areas
  • Instructions in staff personal hygiene, particularly the need for hand washing after handling soiled linen or removal of protective clothing
  • Instruction and training of safe chemical handling
  • Daily machine maintenance, helping to extend the life of your laundry equipment and ensure the machines are running at their peak performance


Having training guidelines handy for employees to access will be a helpful reference when needed. It’s also important to note that training should not just be for on-boarding a new employee. Laundry education should be ongoing with regular reviews to ensure processes are being followed correctly and track improvements.

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