5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Commercial Laundry Equipment

November 24, 2020

While it may cost more upfront to invest in a brand-new machine, there are other hidden costs of keeping an old machine that can actually make it the more expensive option. As with any robust machine, commercial laundry equipment will require repairs from time to time. However, there will come a time when the repairs become more frequent and the parts become more costly. How do you know when it’s more financially viable to say goodbye to your old machine than to keep getting it fixed?

What to consider when deciding whether to restore or upgrade:

  • Longevity
    Commercial laundry equipment has an average life span of about 10 years. Although they are hardy machines, unfortunately they’re not invincible. It is expected that with wear and tear they will require repairs from time to time no matter what the make or model. If the machine is within its warranty period, you should definitely follow up with either your supplier or directly with the manufacturer. Some people prefer to replace their machine as soon as it’s out of warranty for peace of mind. But if the machine is around 10 years old, it has unquestionably peaked and it’s time to start weighing up your options.
  • Reliability
    Is your current machine reliable? If it’s breaking down often, it’s not just the repair costs that need to be considered. The impact of the downtime should also be factored in – are you paying for staff that have no work to do? Are you outsourcing or paying overtime? Are you putting your other machines under added stress that will shorten their lifespan? It’s worth looking at the repair history of your machine and working out how often it’s failing and how much money it’s costing your business overall.
  • Performance
    A better performing machine can mean a significant difference in washing and drying times, equating to an increase in laundry processed and an increase in time saved. For example, a fast-spin washer with a higher g-force will have better water extraction and therefore the linen will require less time in the dryer.
  • Operational Costs
    A better performing machine usually also means an efficient machine. The laundry industry is always developing new technologies to save on energy and water, such as IPSO’s Smartwave Technology and Over-Dry Prevention. If your machine is several years old, chances are that a more efficient model is now available that could help to reduce your utility bills and extend linen life.
  • Your Needs Are Expanding
    Perhaps you want to increase your laundry throughput to increase revenue, or attract more customers to your laundromat, or bring some outsourced laundry in-house to reduce costs. Upgrading to new equipment can increase efficiency, reduce utility costs, minimise machine downtime and you will have all the benefits of the latest laundry technology.

You could wait and keep getting that machine fixed time and time again, and although it might appear less expensive upfront, it can actually cost you more in other ways. When deciding whether it’s time for a new equipment, consider the above points.