Washers Extractors

Aqualogic stocks a wide range of washer-extractors that are perfect for any commercial environment. You can choose coin, token or cashless payment systems to install in your Laundromat, shared laundry or another commercial environment.

Our IPSO washers provide excellent results in a wide range of areas, including space, size, load management, and cost-efficiency. Read on to learn more.

Choosing Your Washers

To achieve the right mix of capacity and performance for your business, explore our range of washers. Each of our washer extractors offers a range of benefits for varying commercial environments.

When selecting the right washer for your needs, consider the following:

  • Space matters: We can provide smaller machines for your space management needs or larger machines for a high-capacity, high-use environment.
  • Hardmount or softmount? Each type has its own advantages. Hardmount machines are suitable for a wide range of fabric types and uses, and are less expensive to purchase. Softmount machines remove more water content from the linen, therefore reducing drying time and improving productivity. Softmount machines also allow hospitality operators to iron sheet directly from the washer, eliminating the need for drying.
  • Cost: Aqualogic can help you with all your financial needs, minimising your costs for installation, operation, and maintenance and servicing.
  • Capacity: Are your old washers inadequate in terms of load requirements? Our washer-extractors can deliver better capacity, enhanced user experience, improved handling and better value for every load.
  • Return on investment: High-performance washers are always the superior option for better returns.

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